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MDM Proudly Supports Lifewater’s Efforts in Africa

Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Aquaculture Market

Michael Paquette, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute writes: “As an aquaculture engineer, working with salt water systems, the pump on a system holding thousands of kilograms of fish is an important selection. To me, a good system pump will be reliable, energy efficient, quiet, and will put out lots flow at low head. Finding these traits in available …

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If Quality, Longevity, and Efficiency are NOT Important, then a Sequence® Pump is NOT for You!

If Quality, Longevity, and Efficiency are NOT Important, then a Sequence®  Pump is NOT for You! For over 30 years Sequence® pumps have continued to offer the lowest purchase price and annual operating costs when it comes to your pond pump.  We frequently hear from homeowners that replacing their old submersible pump (after multiple failures) …

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Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Aquarium Life Support Markets

Landrys Restaurants or the Downtown Aquarium has replaced two long-coupled 3x2x6 Joe Jacques, Director of Life-Support for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver Colorado writes: “My name is Joe Jacques, and I’m the Life Support Manager for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. My staff and I are responsible for the maintenance and operations of all the …

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B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself!

If you think choices made by your predecessors based on 1978 standards are good enough, . . .   then B73lean™ is NOT for you. B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself! For many applications, full compliance with the B73.1 standard can be a burden simply because you must pay for features you don’t need. There …

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Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Waste Water Treatment Markets

International Rectifier has replaced a Fybroc 3x2x6 Rick Blunt, Facilities Maintenance Team Leader at International Rectifier Corporation writes: We purchased these pumps on the recommendation of our local vendor, who said that I would be very pleased with the performance.  Upon delivery of the units I was concerned about their ability to do the task …

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The new Sequence Skimmer – Video

Integrate a skimmer to your water feature with ease and effectiveness!  Intercept debris before it damages your pump! The Sequence® surface skimmer comes equipped with ports to tie into a bottom drain and external pump

Introducing the Advance 4000

As a result of high demand in recirculation applications requiring flow rates above 60 GPM at lower head pressures, we’ve taken all the great things from the tried and true 1000 series and expanded them to the new 4000 series. Achieving over 200 GPM and a max of 35 PSI, the 4000 broadens the range …

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The Sequence SunPump

What you see here is the beta test-site for the Sequence SunPump 1000.  This application is nestled in a somewhat remote location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Front Range .  We’ve been testing this particular Sequence SunPump 1000 in an off-grid application since May 2009.  Stay tuned as we add a flowmeter to …

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