Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Waste Water Treatment Markets

International Rectifier has replaced a Fybroc 3x2x6
International Rectifier has replaced a Fybroc 3x2x6

Rick Blunt, Facilities Maintenance Team Leader at International Rectifier Corporation writes:

We purchased these pumps on the recommendation of our local vendor, who said that I would be very pleased with the performance.  Upon delivery of the units I was concerned about their ability to do the task because they had a smaller footprint and lower power requirements.  These concerns were short lived however, because once we got them started up we found that not only did they exceed the design criteria; they did it at a much lower motor speed, with less noise, and less operating vibration.  A wonderful pump, highly recommended.”


OLD     140 gpm @ 53Hz & 78 dB (Fybroc 3X2X6)
NEW 160 gpm @ 46Hz & 57 dB (Genesys 3X2X6)

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